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NerdyTrekkieGamerGirl I'm sti­ll around an­d looking fo­r local frie­nds to hang ­out with off­line. Messag­e me if inte­rest
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African Americans with Asian Interests , Axis Powers Hetalia! , Kuroshitsuji Fans!! , Night Owls , One Piece Pirates , Ouran High School Host Club , Tea Time Lolita Club , Visual Kei Enthusiasts , Vocaloid Fans! , Yaoi Craze , You ♥ those Asian Boy Bands!
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{{I'm only here for friendship and to make friends with everyone. Not interested in guys wanting to be my friend in hopes that they get something more, hence why I do not have a personal pic up. I am not interested. Don't try. Thank You}}

Hello and welcome to my profile. I'm from Wilmington, DE, USA and I'm a virgo. Some words to describe me are gamer, slytherin, horde, asmodian, trekkie, anime fan, writer and collector (swords, coins, dolls, figures, and more). I like photography, tattoos, piercings, art history, ancient history, boxing, museums, archeology, shopping, going to the movies, cosplay, asian fashion manga, comics, conventions animals, reading, tv, music (dance, pop, jazz, classical, kpop, jpop, jrock, etc) and hanging out with friends. I'm interested in psychology, forensics, theology, sociology, and pathology. Like I said, I'm only here to make friends so feel free to contact me. If you want to learn more about me, I have a website at

You can find me and add me on tumblr: vickyslinks and twitter: vickyblueeyez

I get asked the same questions all the time so if you want to know anything, check out my Frequently Asked Questions at by copying that link in your browser.

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Katsucon, Otakon, Animazement, Anime USA, Anime Mid-Atlantic
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757, 302, action movies, actors, actresses, african american, aim, alan rickman, amvs, animated gifs, anime, anime clubs, anime conventions, anime music, anime mide atlantic, anime usa, animazement, anime next, anthony wong, archeology, archery, asians, asian cinema, asian music, asian art, astrology, azeroth, besm, blinkies, board games, boondock saints, bowling, bishi, bishounen, Brandon Routh, buffy, candles, cats, chatting, chinese food, chocolate, classical music, colonel brandon, comics, computers, constellations, cookies, cosplay, country music, cusco, dace, dace go leaue, daggers, dance music, darts, dead journal, death note, delaware, delaware anime fans, demonology, depression, desi, dollfie, dollies, doujin, dragons, durotan, dynasty warriors, emo kids, emo guys, falconry, fan art, fan fiction, fanlistings, fantasy, fencing, flowers, fonts, friends, gaia, gaia online, gay friends, gay guys, geek, geeks, girl friends, goth music, goths, goth, greatest journal, guilty gear, hair dye, harry potter, hampton roads, hello kitty, Heroes, highlander, hockey, imvu, industrial music, insomniac, intellectuals, interracial, ipod, japanimation, jay chou, Johnny Depp, jpop, jrock, katamari damacy, katsucon, knives, koei, kuromi, live journal, love, manga, married, marriage, martial arts, marvel, marvel comics, maryland, maturity, men, military, monty phython, moonlight_destiny, mp3s, mp3 player, msn messenger, mythology, navy, navy wife, nekocon, neopets, nerds, nerd, new age music, new castle county, new jersey, norfolk, online groups, online rp, ontd, Orlando Bloom, otakon, outdoors, para para dancing, para para music, pennsylvania, peter wingfield, pets, pheonix wright, philly, photography, pirates, playstation, playstation 2, playstation 3, poetry, pokemon, professor snape, ps1, ps2, ps3, psp, psychology, punk, quizes, reading, relationships, ren fairs, renissance fairs, rhydin, role playing, romance, roses, samurai warriors, scifi, sengoku musou, sense and sensibility, sewing, severus snape, shin sengoku musou, short stories, shounen ai, shounen-ai, snape, star trek, star trek xi, star trek tos, sword collecting, swords, tarot cards, tattoos, the paranormal, valkyrie profile, vampires, video games, videogame music, virginia, va beach, virginia beach, virgos, virgo, visual kei, voice actors, volleyball, warcraft, weaponry, wife, wow, world of warcraft, wrestling, writing, xbox, xbox live, xbox 360, xmen, yahoo groups, yahoo messenger, yaoi, yaoi con, yugioh, yugioh cards, Zachary Quinto, vitas, italy, naples, twitter, myspace, facebook, kink memes, live journal,
Anime Interests:
12 kingdoms, saiyuki, sailor moon, ghost in the shell, kyo kara maoh, gravitation, inuyasha, fruits basket, berserk, gantz, otogi zoushi, ranma 1/2, fake, yu yu hakusho, kenshin, samurai champloo, samurai deeper kyo, samurai 7, card captor sakura, azumanga diaoh, hellsing, hikaru no go, negima, naruto, pokemon, yugioh, duel masters, melencholy of h s, cromartie high, chrono crusade
Manga Interests:
romance, action adventure, yaoi
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KHDownloads - Video Game Soundtracks
Galbadia Hotel - Anime/Video Game Soundtracks
Galbadia Hotel - Manga DLs

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jrock, jpop, japanese, kmetal, 3 doors down, 311, 98 degrees, alternative, anime music, anime soundtracks, apoptygma berzerk, art history, asian, asian music, avril lavigne, ayumi hamasaki, backstreet boys, baha men, ben knowlton, blink 182, boa, bon jovi, bond, claire voyant, classical, computorgirl, computers, cusco, d-12, dance, darren hayes, dir en grey, dmx, dru hill, electronica, eminem, enya, evanscence, gackt, haujobb, hikari, hitomi, hocico, hyde, industrial, initial d, jazz, jeniffer lopez, john mayer, jrock, juno reactor, justin timberlake, kieko matsui, kylie minogue, l'arc en ciel, lee jung hyun, lenny kravitz, limp bizkit, lou bega, malice mizer, maroon 5, matchbox 20, metallica, mindless self indulgence, moby, moi dix mois, msi, mya, nelly, new age, nine inch nails, nora jones, nsync, ottmar liebert, papa roach, para para paradise, pink, pop, puddle of mud, queen, rammstein, ricky martin, rob zombie, robbie willams, robbie williams, robert miles, samantha mumba, santana, savage garden, shakria, sisqo, sorma, stella soliel, switchblade symphony, system of a down, t.m. revolution, tatu, thalia, the crystal method, the offspring, the rolling stones, theatre of tragedy, utada hikaru, vanessa mae, vast, video game music, video game soundtracks, vnv nation, w-inds, waldgeist, wumpscut, x japan, yohko kanno, vitas
Gaming Interests:
dynasty warriors, samurai warriors, warrior orochi, katamari damacy,

Where I share my video game collection (it's also a social network for gamers)